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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy S5 launched few days ago, and before release device was very much in news and rumours, and now after release everyone is looking to see the complete review of this flagship device.  Today we will be doing So, let start with latest Android 4.4.2 on board.
Although Samsung didn't redesign the complete device but Samsung added a new chrome ring more or less on the edge. Samsung used a soft touch plastic material for manufacturing of Galaxy S5, instead of slippery material that was used in GS4 and GS3. Samsung launched device in four colour variants including White, Black, Blue and Gold colours.


Latest Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 is having slightly larger display of 5.1 inch,  not much different from last year device. Galaxy S5 features same 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution display, like its predecessor. Now a day's nearly all HDTV features this kind of Display of 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, so using Galaxy S5 you can view full HD movies and video quality will appear crisp and sharp.

Water and Dust Resistant:

Samsung on announcement of Galaxy S5 revealed that their flagship variant is dust and water resistant. So in case if you occidentally drop your device in sink or puddle, it will not damage your device.  Wait a sec, although device is waterproof but it's not completely waterproof, device can survive for 30 minutes in deep water up-to 1 meter.


The Galaxy S5 will be launched in different variants, but here we will discuss international variant only.  Galaxy S5 will be having a 2.5 GHz quad core Snapdragon 801 chip-set with 2 GB of RAM.
Device will be coming in 16 and 32 GB memory storage capacity, However user can enhance memory storage up to 128GB by using microSD card.  Samsung mentioned that Galaxy S5 can survive up-to 10 hours during web surfing,  12 hours on playing videos.


Now a day's Camera became main feature of high end devices, and device having high end camera helps device to sell more.  From last few years Samsung is releasing its Galaxy S devices with high end camera's and no doubt S series devices camera played vital role in success of devices.
Samsung Galaxy S5 is having  a high end 16 MP sensor,  with lots of new features that enable users to use device in different modes, and gives best result in all situations. Let's discuss all features one by one,  First and most important feature of S5 camera is Quick Auto Focus, that allows users to take snaps much quicker than ever before, and user can take picture without delay. 
Second feature is Selective Focus,  that allows user to take images using a shallow depth of field to photo, and in the end user can change focus even after taking image. Latest camera is having much improved HDR(High Dynamic Range) performance.  Last but not the least Galaxy S5 is able to record video of 4k, i.e 4 times powerful than HDTV. 

Fingerprint and Heart Rate Sensor:

Apple introduced finger print scanner in latest iPhone 5S, Samsung also took a page form iPhone 5S and introduced this feature in its new flagship device. Now users can lock device using this feature, and users can authorize payments of PayPal, with swipe of their finger print.    
Galaxy S5 also features a new feature of heart rate monitor sensor, by using this app users can get reading of their pulse rate. Users can now save their readings and can maintain charts of their readings using Samsung S heath App.

Release Date & Price

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in April i.e. latest news is April 11 is release date, while on other hand pre orders will be started in March.
Samsung didn't reveal price tag of devices, most likely in case of contract device will be available with a price tag of $200 for 16 GB variants,  32GB variant most likely will be for $250.  Off contract price of device will  be between $620-$700 for 16 GB variant.


Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released on nearly all major carriers in US,  including Verizon, AT&T, U.S Cellular and Sprint. Device from these carriers will be launched on April 11th. 
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