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Samsung Is Working On 64-Bit Chipsets: Launch Expected Later This Year

All giant companies after iPhone 5S 64 bit chipset are looking to introduce this feature on their flagship devices. Soon after launch of Apple iPhone 5S Samsung claimed that their future flagship devices will be having 64 bit chipset, but soon after that all were expecting Samsung will be launching Galaxy S5 with 64 bit chipset but so far Samsung unusually quiet.
Kyushik Hong vice president of Samsung LSI announced at MWC said that there isn't ecosystem for latest 64 bit chip-set and when there is Samsung will likely introduce this new chip-set in their flagship device.  He said Samsung know that 64 bit chipset is very important that's why they are working actively  on it. He also confirmed that they are waiting an ecosystem for it once there is they will be launching the chip-set without any delay.  He said “Our chip will be ready whenever the operating systems and ecosystem go 64-bit ".
Samsung is pretty high motivated for its Exynos chip-set line-up and Samsung intended  they wanted to increase their market share in this segment, Because in this regard Hong said they are currently adding new vendors who will be using Exynos chip-set in future.
He also made it clear it's not easy to convince vendors because mostly are rivals of Samsung in Smartphone and Tab line. He also stated that Samsung Mobile division and LSI division are separate.    
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