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Samsung SM-G750A Smartphone Emerged, Might Be Compact GS5

From last few days rumours are swirling that Samsung might launch a better variant of GS5, but today leaks emerged Samsung might release a  variant of GS5. Today also a user agent profile appeared on Samsung website of a mysterious device. This Smartphone is having same model name (SM- G750A) like flagship GS5.

It seems Samsung leaked SM- G750A  is answer from Korean giant of Sony Xperia Z1 compact. Sony Xperia Z1 compact was packed with high end Specs in same body, and this device was lot more compact than Xperia Z1.    
According to leak information, this device will be having 720 Pixel display with maximum CPU of 2.3 GHz frequency.  This means device will behaving Snapdragon 800 processor chip-set.  There are chances Samsung might use same Snapdragon 801 chip-set that they are earlier used standard GS5 .


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