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Why Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal Variant Making Sense Now

Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched few days ago, though launch of Galaxy S5 is over, but rumours are not, now rumours of new premium Galaxy S5 starts swirling and these rumours are making sense now. If you are gadget geek and know what's going in tech industry, then most probably you must know that before launch of Galaxy S5 we have plenty of rumours regarding specifications of Samsung flagship Galaxy S5. Let's have a look on these specs too.
Rumours before launching event suggests that Galaxy S5 will be having a giant screen of above 5 inches with 2K screen resolution, device will be powered by a 64 bit Exynos processor,16 MP rear camera, device will also feature finger print scanner, and at the end device will be water and dust resistant. A new design of Galaxy S5 is expected with metal enclosure. As OS device will be having latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat on board in form of Samsung latest TouchWiz UI. All these above mentioned Specs were in rumours ahead of official launch of Galaxy S5.   
Although unpacked event is over, but rumours of flagship Galaxy S5 are not over yet, We all know that giant companies like Samsung usually tests many variants before official variant launch. Now let's have a look on features that we missed in recently launched Galaxy S5, all of us were expecting GS5 with 64 bit Exynos processor, Device with 2K display is also missed,  IRIS scanner was expected and at the end metal design GS5 was in news but at the end GS5 was launched with nearly same design like last year flagship GS4.
Question, in everyone's mind is why Samsung missed all these features  in GS5, it yet to be cleared.  One of the reason that comes in mind is Samsung is preserving these features for future products. Many gadget experts were disappointed to see GS5 with same plastic design,  reason behind is GS5 with metal design was in news and all were expecting Samsung will be changing its design in fifth gen of Galaxy S flagship Smartphone.
Nearly three years ago Samsung launched a full metal design Smartphone Wave 3, Samsung didn't produce this device in massive number, In my view if Samsung wants same kind of design for Galaxy S series Smartphone, then they have to get ready to produce this design in million units in very short time.  
Wave 3 gives idea that Samsung can launch device with metal design but in limited quantity, that's why Samsung initially released GS5 with plastic design which will be followed by metal design GS5 later this year. It feels so premium having GS5 with all high end Specs and metal body. 
Let me know in comments section what do you think regarding a premium variant of GS5?. What kind of chances you are seeing for metal variant of GS5. 
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