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Apple's iWatch Release Date Rumours: What We Know So Far

Apple iWatch rumours starts swirling when Apple CEO claim that they are working on a secret project and this project will be released in this year. According to certain reports Apple iWatch is in prototype stage of development, it gives two idea either Apple will be releasing this device later than expect or might not release in second half of 2014.

But, let me cleat that these are only rumours at the time, and nothing is official yet, it yet to be confirmed by Apple officials. So you should take these rumours with a pinch of salt.  As I mentioned above nearly 80% reports are suggesting Apple iWatch is real and will be released in second half of this year.

Regardless, of all rumours, what's  truth is important at the time, and right now all reports and rumours are in favour of Apple iWatch and a recent report suggests that Apple starts mass production of its iWatch and gadget will be released with flagship iPhone 6.  
A recent report from Korean media suggests that Apple has fixed a deal with LG for production of flexible display for Apple iWatch.  So far apparently only LG emerged as iWatch display manufacturer, but we all know that LG surely is not the only one because Apple products usually manufactured by number of suppliers.
Apple Insider also claims that Apple is looking to produce its iWatch in two sizes, one will be 1.3 inches, while second will be 1.5 inches. Apple is targeting to sell more than 9 million units of iWatch this year. As far as release of Apple iWatch is concerned, rumors suggested Apple will be releasing its iWatch by September. We will Keep you updated as soon as some more news regarding Apple iWatch develops.

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