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Google Allegedly Working On Mid Range Nexus Smartphone

Like Every year Google Nexus devices rumours start swirling ahead of release, and we all know that although release is far away but still from rumours and leaks seems release is just around the corner. Google Nexus 8 rumours emerged nearly six months ago, and since then we have plenty of reports regarding this device, as usual nothing is confirmed from Google officials.

Google always release its hardware devices with latest Android update, there have been plenty of rumours regarding Nexus 6 and Android 4.5 lollipop, but Google is calm and not ready to reveal anything ahead of release.   
Google Nexus Smartphone devices are always on success track, and many gadget enthusiast love Google because Google provide its user a high end Smartphone with affordable price tag, and also Nexus users receives latest Android update much earlier than other companies devices. Google release its flagship Smartphone at a much lower price than its competitors , Google provide Nexus devices buyers high end Specs nearly on half price than other companies.

As Google is already providing high end Specs with a low price tag, it seems there is no need of releasing a mid range Nexus Smartphone, but looks things might change and Google might release a mid range Nexus Smartphone as well for this year.

Recently a Chinese online publication releases a very interesting report focusing on " everything-MediaTek ".  According to their source Google has now hook up with Taiwanese chip manufacturer  “MediaTek” so that Google can now build mid range Smartphone, and price tag of this device will be nearly $100.

Wait a minute, Releasing a mid range Nexus Smartphone doesn't mean that Google will not release its flagship Nexus Smartphone. In fact Google might wanted to release mid range Nexus Smartphone to compete with Samsung and other Chinese companies in Asian market. On the other side giant retailer Amazon is also working on its first Android Smartphone and reports suggests device is very close to end line. 
Let us know in comments section what are your thoughts regarding a cheap Nexus Smartphone from Google, Would you like to buy a dirt-cheap smartphone from Google .
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