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Google Nexus 6 Launching Rumours Roundup

Google Nexus 6 launch is mystery for many Google Nexus fans,  we have plenty of reports regarding release plans of Google Nexus 6. Opinion regarding Google Nexus 6 launch is divided. Few reports are suggesting Google will be releasing its flagship Nexus 6 on Google annual I/O Developers event  which will be held at June 25th and June 26th in San Francisco.

For instance if we consider these reports accurate then its contrary from Google VP Sundar Pichai comments, At  mobile world congress event when Sundar was asked about Nexus 6 launch, he stated that device will be coming in October.  

In case of launch in 4rth quarter of this year, Google most likely will be including Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor( which will be released in second half of this year). So an earlier release might miss Snapdragon latest chip set.   
Last year Google launched Nexus 5 in November, so it's pretty odd  if Google launch this year Nexus device much earlier in June, so far there is only reason come in mind is that Google might release Nexus 6 earlier because LG G3 release is also expected earlier.  LG will be releasing it's flagship device earlier so that they can compete with Samsung's and HTC's flagship.

As far as manufacturer is concern nearly 80 percent reports are in favor of LG, so in that case Google Nexus 6 will be the lightweight variant of LG's flagship G3, like it's predecessors. Although HTC and Motorola as manufacturer of Nexus 6 rumours are also swirling but  seems these are not more than speculation.  

Samsung is already facing criticism for releasing its Flagship variant with plastic design, Google might change its plan of releasing Nexus 6 with plastic body, In that case we can expect hike in price tag of device.

Google usually release its hardware devices with latest Android version, We have rumors of Android 4.5 Lollipop as OS of Nexus 6. We all know that one of the major reason of Nexus devices success is that they receives latest Android version much earlier before other devices. So far nothing is official regarding Android 4.5.

For this year it seems devices with water and dust resistant features are mostly liked and nearly all companies are looking to release their flagship devices with this feature, so there is good reason to think Google might also follow this trend and pack Nexus 6 with this feature.

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