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Google Nexus 8 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

Google Nexus 8 rumours are heating up, because from last few weeks there is lot of buzz going on regarding the launch of Google Nexus 8. Nexus 8 rumours are swirling like other Nexus devices, and device is heavily in rumours ahead of its release.

Few days ago we have rumours regarding its manufacturer, Either HTC will manufacture this year Nexus Tab device or Google will again go with LG for manufacturing of its high end Nexus 8. Thanks to so far leaks and reports we have plenty of details regarding Specs of this device.

According to recent reports device is expected with 8.9 inches display with 2K screen resolution. As far as price is concern Google will be releasing this device with a price tag above $300.

According to some reports Google will be releasing Nexus 8 instead of Nexus 7 because as we earlier reported that Google Nexus 7 wasn't sold well as Google was hooping. It also back up the rumours of Nexus 8, as if this device will replace Nexus 8 then surely we can expect this device at the same time frame as last year Nexus 7 was released.

We will take a look on more reports and leaks regarding launch and release of Nexus 8, so that we can have an idea of when we can expect Nexus 8.

Google Nexus 7 first device was launched back in 2012, Google revealed this device at its Google I/O event on June 27. Device was released nearly two weeks after its release and was available on Google Play Store on July 13.

Last year Google released Nexus 7 LTE on July 24,Google revealed this device during press conference of " Breakfast with Sundar Pichai". Last year Nexus 7 LTE soon was available for sale on July 26.
If you consider both Nexus 7 releases, it certainly gives idea Google most likely will be releasing Nexus 8 sometime in June or July. If Google wanted to release this device at I/O event, then Google already announced June 25 and June 26 I/O event date for this year. In case of separate press conference, then July launch and release is favourable.
At the end, we should keep in mind that these release dates are not final, as Google yet to reveal about Nexus 8 launch date. Above mentioned details are exclusively based on previous year Nexus 7 release date.

We will keep you updated as soon as some more news hit our panel, Till then your thoughts regarding Nexus 8 are welcome, don't hesitate to share your thoughts below.
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