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Google's Android Icons Might Get A Moonshine Renovation

Google Android 4.4.3 rumours are swirling for quite sometime now, and we have certain reports that Google will be updating its OS soon and this update majorly consist of bugs fixes. Today we have a new leaked screen shots from Android Police, suggesting something interesting. From these screen shots it seems Google is working to introduce a massive change in its OS. Latest screen shots are showing a complete revamped icons design.

It seems Google new OS move to and fro towards the cajole visuals of Google's net visual uniqueness.  It seems Google new OS icons are encouraged by Google's web iconography. But let me clear that all of them are not copied, and some icons are changed hugely from the current icons on web and Android.

But before diving deeper in this report, let me cleat that this report is not backed up by System Log, so there are fair chances that Google might change these icons much more than we have in leaked screen shots. Google yet to clear about how far-off Google is in design development of this update.

So we should keep this in mind that these details are looking like Google is working on major update and in this update surely Google will be renovating icons of its OS.  Insider claims that Google is allegedly referring this update as "MoonShine".  Let's have a look on key characteristics of this update.

In this update icons have long hard shadows as compared to earlier updates, and colours are more contrasted as compared to current OS. As i mentioned above Although these icons are inspired by Google's web icons but still are not identical to them.

For instance if this report and leak is accurate, then surely this update will be the major overhaul and will be bringing changes to the guidelines of Google's Android OS. In this leak Google is replacing its square icons, with a completely revamped design.  What are your thoughts regarding this possible new interface of Google's Operating System.  

source: Android Police

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