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Google's Mid Range Nexus Smartphone Might Feature a 64-bit Processor

Last week we have rumours from China suggesting Google will be releasing a mid range Nexus Smartphone. For built-up of this device Google and MediaTek partnered up, and this device will be released later this year after release of flagship Nexus 6.

We already made it clear that manufacturing of mid range Nexus Smartphone doesn't mean Google will not be releasing a high end Nexus device. Instead purpose of this mid range Nexus device is Google wanted to target the developing countries Smartphone markets, So that Google can compete with other Smartphone manufacturer of Asia.
 Today once again we have something interesting for you regarding this mid range Nexus device.  Recent report from Taiwan's Economic Daily suggests that Google mid range Nexus Smartphone might be released with 64 bit chip-set of MediaTek.

So far it's unclear whether this device will be packed with quad core 64 bit chip-set that clocked at 1.5 GHz, Or MediaTek planning to include its Octa core chip-set  running at 2.0 GHz.  Let me cleat that despite these chips are based on 64 bit Architecture but still are not made for high end devices . So $100 price tag for mid range Nexus device is still on the board.
Economic Daily report further suggests that MediaTek officials are very excited for their Google deal. We all know that Google MediaTek's deal surely will help chip maker to boost their influence in the western market. Their deal surely will also attract other giant companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG.  MediaTek is working very closely with Google so they can develop this device as soon as possible.      
Google abandoned the Chinese Smartphone market since 2010, There are fair chances by collaborating with Chinese manufacturer might help Google to penetrate in Chinese market. As far as release is concern device will be hitting shelves in second half of this year, So far it's not confirmed whether Google will release this device with flagship Nexus 6 or in a separate event for Mid Range Nexus device. 

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