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LG G3 Release Date News & Rumours: Everything We Know So Far

So far we have plenty of reports and rumours regarding hardware Specs of LG's upcoming flagship G3Rumours of this device swirling for last few weeks and with each passing day rumours are heating up. So far nothing was official regarding the release of G3 but today we have some more news regarding release of LG G3.

LG revealed the release time frame for its upcoming G3 during press conference in Seoul. During this press conference at LG's twin tower Korean giant manufacturer discussed  reports regarding earning of first quarter.

Korean Media recent reports are suggesting that LG set its flagship G3 release date in May.  A  recent Report from zdnet suggests that LG will be launching its flagship device by the end of May, So it's safe to assume that release surely will be in June as we are few hours away from ending of April.

Pretty interesting to know that we also have reports that Samsung is also interested to launch its GalaxyS5 prime around June. This device is also expected with Quad HD display. Both Samsung and LG wanted a head start in race of releasing first QHD device. However, from look of things it seems LG might win this race because LG decided to release its flagship G3 much earlier than expected in order to have head start against Samsung in releasing first QHD Smartphone.

Besides, of all this competition, It's good to know that LG G3 release seems coming closer and closer. We will keep you updated as soon as some more news regarding LG G3 release unveils.

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