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Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy Note 5 Will Be Featuring Flexible Display

For last few years Samsung is working on flexible display department, Last year Samsung introduced its first flexible display Smartphone device "Galaxy Round". Although Samsung researched many years before its release but device was not as successful as Samsung was hoping and as a result device is launched in only few numbers in Korea.  

Since Samsung Galaxy Round was not successful, that's why Samsung didn't show intent to push this technology forward, and Samsung didn't show interest in releasing successor model of this device. But for last few days rumours of Samsung flexible display device heating up as rumours suggests Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be having Samsung's famous Youm Display

From look of things it seems Samsung decided to put investment in ths project as they are looking to build a new factory for producing flexible screen.

However,  Samsung is not the only manufacturer looking for flexible screen. We have certain reports suggesting Apple is planning to release its iWatch with flexible display, and also LG is working to ramp-up it's production of flexible screens, in order to supply panels  for the rest of the year. Reports suggesting LG as a sole manufacturer of Apple's iWatch flexible display.

Samsung delayed its investment in its A3 plants, which are used for production of flexible screens but now because of growing interest in this technology Samsung decided to take up again construction of its new A3 factory.  It will take nearly six to seven months to complete this building and reports suggests this factory will start production in November or December this year.  

Now according to latest report Samsung wanted to complete this factory as soon as possible because Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 both devices will be having flexible display screens.  Gadget experts are claiming Samsung wanted to reform design of its high end devices in order to compete with other high end Smartphones available in market.

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  1. when was the galaxy s6 is coming and is there is any iris eye recognization technology is coming with next Galaxy S Smartphone??

    1. pardeep Galaxy S6 is not for this year, Samsung will be releasing this device in first quarter of 2015 most likely in March. As far as Iris eye recognition is concern, It yet to be revealed by Samsung.

  2. Samsung galaxy S6 is amazing phone and with Iris Scanner technology and many more..

  3. That sounds really good to me.


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