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Samsung GS5 vs All New HTC One: Everything You Need To Know

If you are planning to buy a Smartphone right now, then you  have to decide the device among the most anticipated Smartphone devices of this year. Samsung recently launched its flagship Galaxy S5, and device release is just few days away, but from look of things device is expected will be sold like hot cakes once it is release on April 11th. But it's not the only device coming in few days Samsung GS5 have to face strong competition from HTC latest HTC M8. HTC M8 also launched few days ago and since then HTC fans are eagerly waiting for its release. Today we will compare both HTC's flagship HTC M8 and Samsung flagship GS5. Let's take a look which device stands out and why?


Samsung latest GS5 design is not smart enough to attract gadget experts and since its launch gadget experts are suggesting that GS5 design is not able to stand out. Samsung GS5 design is amazingly thin and light  but still Samsung used plasticity material for its design, which disappointed most of Samsung Fans. Samsung packed GS5 with a perforated rear side design, due to this device looks far more complicated than its predecessor GS4.  
In terms of design surely HTC M8 is winner and most likely it will achieve higher than GS5 is design section. This year HTC's flagship featured same aluminium design, Adopted last year all metal construction design and no doubt which gives device a classy premium look.  GS5 is light and thinner than All New HTC One.  


Despite of rumours and leaks both devices features display with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution.  Although initial GS5 rumours suggested that device will be having display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution. but at the end Samsung decided to go again with 1080 pixels resolution display. Wait a second should that thing bother customers? Nope, absolutely not because 1080 pixels devices are already providing more ppi (pixels per inch) than a human eye can detect so all in all you should not bother with 1080 pixels display.
Also, high resolution will be effecting battery life of devices, and also put more strain on  hardware of phone having display above 1080 pixels. Samsung GS5 featured a 5.1 inch display(432 ppi) while HTC M8 is behind by only .1 inch and featured a 5 inch(441 ppi) display. 

Processor and memory:

Both flagship devices from Samsung and HTC are powered by Snapdragon 801 chipset, and no doubt currently is the most powerful Soc of its type. But Samsung performance on paper is better because its processor clocked at 2.5 GHz.  Both devices has 2 GB of RAM. Although 3 GB RAM devices are also in market, so it's a bit odd to have 2 GB of RAM. Although 2 GB RAM devices are enough but still if these devices have 3 GB then both devices will become more prospect proof. 

GS5 will be coming in 16 and 32 GB memory options, and out of which 6 GB is used for non removable system files. All New HTC One is also coming in 16 and 32 GB option, and HTC is also added Micro-SD card option in this device. 


Samsung flagship devices are known for its high end camera, last year flagship GS4 featured a 13 MP camera and was critically acclaimed not only by users but also from experts. Like predecessor GS5 also features a high end 16 MP camera with world fastest Auto focus, and device can capture video of 4K quality. Samsung GS5 front facing camera is 2.1 MP.
On the other hand All New HTC One is featuring a Duo Camera on rear side, In addition users can adjust the focus of images after taking snaps. But we have to wait for its release to see whether device camera is ground breaking or not. Main Rear camera of All New HTC one is of UltraPixel type. Device front facing camera is 5MP which is quite excellent for shooting selfies. 


No doubt GS5 is powerful device not only on paper but also due to its features of water and dust resistant. All these factor surely will help device to become as one of the best selling device of this year. As release date is getting closer, customers are waiting eagerly to get this device. But on paper All New HTC is also very powerful and surely is worthy alternative of Samsung GS5. All New HTC One also getting attention because of its premium design and high end features.  

Now question is everyone's mind is which one is better All New HTC One or GS5.Well at this time, it's not easy to answer because both devices yet to be released and once on release we can check both devices side by side. In terms of looking All New HTC One is better looking, but in terms of features GS5 wins this race. 

Let us know in comments section what do you think regarding both devices, and which device attracts you more.
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