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Samsung is leading with 30% Share in 267 million Smartphones shipped globally in First Quarter

A recent report from market researcher TrendForce, suggests that during first quarter of this year nearly 266.9 million units were shipped globally. In first quarter of 2014 from January to March, 1.13 percent demand of Smartphone rises successively.

TrendForce further suggested that for second quarter from April to June, they are seeing 6.7 % increase in shipments for second quarter and nearly 284.5 million devices will be shipped globally in this quarter.
Interesting fact is that Korean giant Samsung is holding 30% share in worldwide Smartphone shipments. Many gadget experts think Samsung attain first position in global market shipment share because of their flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Note 3, but TrendForce is telling something different, According to them Samsung attain top spot not only because of its high end devices but due to its mid range devices.

Research firm suggests Apple will had  decline is sales for second quarter of this year but will reverse in second half of this year when Apple will be launching its flagship iPhone 6. According to TrendForce Apple is on second number in terms of global market share of shipping Smartphone units.

Chinese Smartphone manufacturers performed better than expected as compared to  strong global brands. Chinese companies including Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo quarterly growth is more than 20 percent which is pretty surprising. 

source: MarketWatch
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