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Samsung working on 3G enabled Gear-Solo

Currently in Android wearable gadget's market, Samsung is ruling because Samsung is continuously working on new wearable gadgets. Although Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 fate doesn't look too dazzling but still Samsung is taking interest in order to remain prominent in Android Smartwatch market.

From look of things it seems Samsung Gear 2 might flop but here is good news because Samsung is working on new wearable device in order to soliderate its Gear line-up devices. Interesting feature of this upcoming  Gear is that this device will be 3G enable device means it will be offering users 3G support.

Although few weeks earlier we have rumour of 3G enabled Galaxy Gear Smart-watch but earlier reports suggests that Samsung might be releasing this device only for Korean users and device will be offered via SK Telecom, Although nothing changed much because International release rumours are not swirling and so far only Korean release seems getting closer.

According to Korean media reports Samsung 3G Gear will be launched with a name of "Gear Solo". Report further suggested that Samsung also recently registered this name-tag, which also backup the rumours of Gear Solo. But from other sources reports suggested that Samsung changed its plan of releasing this device with name tag of Gear Solo, Now device will be released with a new name which is still under the cover.  

This Gear device will be having its own USIM, so that user can make or receive call even devoid of Smartphone device. But latest reports are suggesting device surely will be shipped in a foreign countries sooner or later.

When Samsung official was asked about 3G enabled Smartwatch device, he declined by saying he is not authorized to talk about those devices which are yet to be publicly revealed by Samsung.   

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