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What if HTC Manufacturer of Nexus 8

Google Nexus 8 rumours are swirling for last few months, and if you are unaware of these rumours then just a recap for you. Rumours of Nexus 8 becomes viral when an image popped up on Google's website and didn't mentioned the device.

Reports suggested that Google is planning to release an 8 inch Nexus tab this year instead of Nexus 7. This device will be having 8 or 8.9 inch display, device will be powered by Intel CPU and with a screen resolution of 2K.Rumoured price of this device is above $300. But today one thing which is still unclear is who will be the manufacturer of Nexus 8.
 Nexus 8 manufacturer question is nearly in everyone's mind because so far nothing is confirmed about manufacturer, early reports claimed LG as manufacturer of Nexus 8 because for last few years Nexus 7 tab is manufactured by LG, but last year Nexus 7 tab was not as successful as first gen of Nexus 7. Which giving us means to think that Google might change manufacturer of its mini tab of this year.

Second Company which pops up in mind is HTC. Let's take a look what If HTC will manufacture the heavily rumoured Nexus 8. If you consider best design and best build quality surely HTC takes the pride of manufacturing premium Android Smartphones. HTC is the one which is known for its best quality and best design of its Android devices.

First Nexus One was manufactured by HTC back in 2010, and since then Nexus Smartphone devices are on success track because first device was a remarkable success of Google and HTC.  However, we should also consider that no doubt HTC has good record of manufacturing premium Android Smartphones but unfortunately HTC has very poor record in Tab line up.

So far HTC manufactured two tabs and both failed but major reason behind their failure was  Android 3.0 Honey Comb and we should admit that at that time Android was not successful on larger display devices. But now things changed and many companies are working on tablets and Android tabs are now becoming real threat to Apple iPad devices.
We have to wait to see what Google will decide, and either Google wanted HTC to build its new Nexus 8 tab line-up. Success or Failure of device is pretty much based on its manufacturer. Let us know in comments section what are your thoughts regarding manufacturer of heavily rumoured Nexus 8.
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