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Apple iPhone 6 Alleged Dummy: What You Need To Know

Apple usually changes design after "S" model, last year Apple released two iPhone. One was flagship iPhone 5S with same design like iPhone 5, while second model was iPhone 5C with plastic design and budget friendly price tag.
Next model iPhone 6 is expected with a new design, and that's why number of rumoured concept images of iPhone 6 are swirling. Apple formula of changing design after two years usually works and Apple is doing this for last two generation of iPhone i.e. 4rth gen and 5th gen.
As this year change is expected in terms of design of iPhone 6, that's why every gadget enthusiast is keen to know how next gen of iPhone will look like, what Apple is looking to offer its customers for 2014. Although concept images are not accurate every time, and as I mentioned above this year again we have numerous dummy units or concepts of iPhone 6 spotted, giving us sneak preview what to expect from upcoming iPhone6.
Today what we have got is interesting, because in this leaked image Apple iPhone 6 prototype is revealing new design cues, and also this image is expected to be closely resembled dummy of upcoming iPhone 6.   
This leaked image is from Korean media, In this leaked image LED flashlight is completely different than earlier leaked images, and interestingly device is running on latest iOS 7. This LED looks more similar like dual LED like we have seen in last year iPhone 5S.
Leaked image physical button looks extended, as we have seen in earlier rumored images. Position of keys is also different from what we have seen in early rumored images. Power button and volume button are side by side on mid portion of device.  Like previous leaked images, this device lacking Apple log on rear side.
Let us know in comments section what do you think about latest leaked images of iPhone 6? Are these leaked images are closer to real variant or just based on speculation.  Are You expecting a complete overall change is shape and design from Apple or not? 
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