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Apple iPhone 6 Alleged Dummy with Rounded Edge shows Again

Apple iPhone 6 seen in lot of alleged images and concepts until now, and with each passing day we get new rumours regarding design and Specs of this year Apple's flagship device. Let me recap you if you don't know what we know so far about latest rumors regarding iPhone 6. According to latest rumors Apple's upcoming device will be having curved edges with curved glass display.
Well, so far we have plenty of iPhone 6 concepts based on latest leaks and new details. Today once again we have new leaked picture of iPhone 6, this picture is tweeted by Sonny Dickson.  Sonny Dickson is known for his leaks regarding iPhone 5C plastic cases, he last year tweeted huge number of leaked images of iPhone 5C.
He tweeted earlier an image of upcoming iPhone 6 front side, and he claimed that this leaked image is front side of Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 dummy. Dickson tweeted picture also back up the rumors of slim rounded design iPhone 6. Interesting part of this picture is once again screen size of device is above 4 inches, which gives idea for sure this year iPhone 6 will be having larger dislpay than its predecessors. Although it's difficult to be sure, but it seems bezel of device also looks thinner. 
Earlier record of Dickson is pretty good in terms of leaked images, his last year leaked images of iPhone 5C cases are exactly same like original model. For instance if these leaked image is accurate, but still we suggests you should take these rumours with pinch of salt.  

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