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Apple iPhone Air - What We Know So far

Most of our readers already know that Apple will be releasing its flagship iPhone 6 by the end of this year like last year iPhone 5S was released by end of 2013. However this year is surely exiting if you are Apple fan, because several rumours and reports suggests Apple will be releasing two Smartphone this year. Not Only two Smartphones but also making major overall changes in iPhone's design.

First iPhone will be successor model of iPhone 5S, second device is expected with a larger display of 5.5 inch with a phablet look. This device is rumoured as iPhone Air. Term phablet becomes popular when Samsung released first Galaxy Note device, before that this term was not famous as it is today.  
Apple iPhone 5S successor model iPhone 6 is getting more attention than its larger family member, and iPhone 6 is in spotlight for quite some time now. We have rumours regarding iPhone Air, but these are not enough like iPhone 6 which is expected with 4.7 inches display.

Surprisingly, Apple is also looking to release device with larger display above 5 inches, and surely this device is intended for large Smartphone market. From last few weeks we have received plenty of reports regarding above mentioned device.
Although we haven't discussed about iPhone Air so far, but we have been keeping a close eye on the topic, and today we will take a look what we think we know so far about upcoming iPhone Air. 

iPhone Air Latest Leaks and Rumours bundle up:

Apple iPhone Air is expected will be having gigantic display of 5.5 inches. Device is expected will be featuring Apple A8 processor which will be manufactured by TSMC/Samsung.

Device release is pegged for end of 2014, because of alleged battery design issues Apple is facing.  Latest reports suggests there will be significant difference between release of iPhone Air and iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 6 launching event will be roughly one month ahead of Apple Air.

Sapphire glass material was initially reported as exclusive to Apple iWatch, but now fresh reports are suggesting Apple will be releasing Apple iPhone Air in low quantity (Only 10 million units during lifecycle of the phone). Apple will be releasing this device with a higher price tag, hence there are certain chances Apple might be using Sapphire glass for manufacturing of iPhone Air.

As per early rumours device is expected with wide range of new sensors. These sensors include temperature and humidity sensor. In order to compete with OIS feature of Android devices camera, Apple will be introducing Electronic Image Stabilization feature. Many details regarding this device is still unknown, we have to wait for few more weeks for new info regarding iPhone Air. Till the stay connected for more.
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