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Google Android Silver Smartphone Important Things to Know Right Now

Android Silver program is still in dark, but we have few reports and leaks about this program, let's have a look what we know so far about Google Android Silver program.  Android Silver will be aiming high end Smartphone market and Google wanted to compete with high end Smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung.
Reports suggests several manufacturers will be involved in manufacturing Android Silver devices, LG and Motorola are expected as the initial manufacturer companies.  Recently Intel suggests Google Android Silver devices will be pretty much similar like Nexus devices, but these devices will be having high end Specs  and will get latest updates much faster than Nexus devices. Initially device under Android Silver program will be released in US, Germany and Japan.

Android Silver Devices Release:

Android Silver devices release seems not closer, as several reports are suggesting first device under Android Silver will be released in first quarter of 2015.  evleaks claims first Android silver device release will be in February 2015.  If this leak is accurate, then we can expect next Google device after 1.5 year it's not sure how Google will cover this wide gap.  This gap might be covered with other devices.  
Currently Google is hosting wide range of Google Play Edition Devices, and many Android flagship devices are currently available on Play Store, there are fair chances Google will be relying on GPE devices to compete with other non Android devices like iPhone 6.  Second option is they simply rely on last year Nexus 5, no doubt device is still pretty solid in terms of price tag and features and its one of the best Android unlocked device available in the market.

Android Silver Smartphones Manufacturer:

As far as first Android silver Smartphone release is concern, Initially we have leaks suggesting LG will be manufacturing  Nexus 6, Now it seems Nexus program is dead, or soon will be dead.  LG appears as strong participator in producing Android Silver Lineup.  evleaks suggests LG is working on a device which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8994 chipset.  This device is expected will be the among the first Android Silver devices, initially in US only Sprint will be having this device on shelves.  
Second manufacturer that is mentioned many times is Motorola,  this manufacturer is also expected involved in manufacturing Android Silver Lineup.  Sony and HTC has close relationship with Google, both companies are also expected will be joining LG and Motorola in first year of manufacturing Android Silver devices.
 Nearly all reports are pointing towards end of Nexus lineup, but those customers who are looking to buy a new Nexus Smartphone later this year should not worry, and they will be having plenty of options to choose from. Those who are willing to wait for a Google Smartphone will be able to get first device as soon as in first quarter of 2014.
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