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Google Becomes World Most Valuable Brand Beating Apple

Google's popularity is increasing day by day and it seems Google is becoming more sort of valuable brand then just search engine giant.  According to recent report from MillWard Brown Google is topping the list of 100 most valuable brand. Report suggests Google as most valuable brand on the planet with a worth of nearly 158 billion dollars. 
Google brand value increased nearly 40%, main reason behind this success is Google Glass, which is recently released for US customers with a price tag of 1500$. From last three years Apple was topping this list and for this year Apple dropped to second position. Currently worth of Apple Brand is nearly 147.9 billion dollars.
As I mentioned above Google Brand value increased by 40 percent, while unlike the Google rise, Apple's brand value decreased by 20 percent.  Although reports are suggesting Apple will be releasing an iPhone with larger display and Apple iWatch is also expected for this year but still these reports didn't help Apple to increase their brand value.
Microsoft is on fourth position in major mobile players with a brand value of 90 billion dollars. Their brand value also increased by  29 percent.  Amazon is on tenth position with a brand worth of 64.3 billion dollars, and value of their brand increased by 41 percent which is quite impressive fly.

Source: AppleInsider 
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