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Google Nexus 5: Powerful Device Or An Outdated Choice

According to latest leaks and reports, all rumours are suggesting Google Nexus Line-up will be dead soon and Google is replacing this line-up with a new project Android Silver.

Today let's have a look on Nexus 5 as a last Nexus Smartphone, and as reports suggests first Android Silver devices will be released in next year. For this year there will be no Smartphone from Google, Now let's have a look either Nexus 5 is powerful enough to compete with heavy weights of this year like Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung GS5 and New HTC One(M8), All devices are available in market.

Now question is pretty simple, Nexus 5 is still capable to compete with this year flagship devices,  and still a powerful choice or an outdated one in today's market. First take a look what Nexus 5 is offering its customers under the hood, and then we will compare these Specs with recently launched flagship devices.  

Google Nexus Chip-Set:  

Google Nexus 5 was packed with Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon 800 chipset with a clocking speed of 2.3 GHz. Devices was packed with 2 GB of RAM and also Andreno graphics 330 chipset. IN AnTuTu Benchmark test device got an average score 23, 225, which isn't bad for device which is released with a pocked friendly price tag.  

Latest Flagship devices Chip-Set:

No-doubt latest flagship devices are more powerful, and they should be. Latest devices hardware performance start vanishing Nexus 5 performance in comparison.

Latest devices featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 801(AB) chipset with 2GB of RAM. Benchmark test score of this chipset device is 35,623.  Snapdragon 801 latest variant (AC) is performing even better, AnTuTu result of this chipset is producing 36,161 points.

We know that benchmark test score are not true reflection of how powerful device is in real world performance, but still give us pretty good idea, how powerful device is on paper in terms of hardware Specification.
Google Nexus 5, though not powerful as latest devices but still device is powerful enough to run the latest Apps in coming months. At the end, I must say device is screening its age and If Google wanted to remain on top, they have to launch new Smartphone very soon.  
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