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HTC Allegedly Working On M8 Ace: Teased Customers In China

Taiwanese Manufacturer HTC is known for its fashionable design Smartphone and phablet. No doubt after the success of HTC One, they became one of the most renowned manufacturer in the world, and now it seems they are in position releasing new Smartphone devices one after the other like Korean giant Samsung.

HTC also release its flagship model once in the year, and usually HTC release its flagship at the beginning of the player, this year HTC released One M8. Usually after this device things go quiet, but not for this year, it looks like for this year HTC has bigger plans than normal schedule. 

Few days ago we have reports suggesting HTC is also working on HTCM8 prime. Today once again we have new rumours regarding this device. According to latest reports HTC is working is on another Smartphone, this device won't will be having design like other HTC flagship variants.  
In other words HTC wanted to release this device with a new design, other than usual HTC design philosophy. This device will be having high end Specs like other Android devices and will be featuring a plastic design instead of aluminium design.

In this way HTC wanted to beat other Android companies like Samsung at their own game, a.k.a. by releasing a high end flagship device with wrapped in plastic design not in premium aluminium design. HTC will be releasing this device at much lower price than its flagship M8.    
Let's back to details regarding this upcoming device, Recently HTC teased its customers by releasing a couple of images via the official account of HTC on Weibo. These leaked images gives life to rumours suggesting HTC is working on new flagship device and according to latest reports this device will be named as HTC One M8 Ace.
Subtitle of one of the image is quite interesting because subtitle of this image is “Fashion does not mean luxury, but things over the value".  Which surely gives idea HTC indeed working on new Smartphone which is fashionable but not a luxury or premium device.
Other details regarding this device is still unknown, but certainly we will be having more details regarding this device in coming weeks, and specially when HTC is also interested in keeping its customers curious about this device.    

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