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Nexus 6 Rumours Round up: Everything you need to know

As we are approaching second half of the year,  we are hearing more about concept images and rumours of  Nexus 6.  Many flagship devices are expected in second half of this year especially iPhone 6, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and flagship model from Motorola.  Today we will take a look on latest concept of Nexus 6 and all rumours what we know so far about this device. 

This year Nexus 6 is more important than previous models because we have details suggesting Nexus 6 might be the last Nexus device of Nexus Smartphone series. Android Silver is new program expected from Google after Nexus program. Although Nexus 6 details are in limited numbers, but still they have hinted what to expect from upcoming Nexus 6, and also give us idea about Nexus 6 release and potential features. 
Mostly concept images are not based on reality because, usually concept builders images are based on their own wish list instead of reality.  Latest concept from Concept-Phones suggesting Google Nexus 6 will be having 5.7 inch display, To show the actual difference concept builder put the Nexus 6 concept next to current flagship Nexus 5. As I mentioned above we can't be sure about these concept images as these are not accurate all the time.  

Design of Nexus 6 is quite similar to current variant, device is having plastic matte material like current model, this material allows user to hold device with one hand easily.  Camera Sensor of device has been shifted to middle of device.
This concept image is quite different from recent rumours regarding Nexus 6,  This year device is also expected from LG, the company manufacturing  Nexus Smartphones for last two years.  Although initially HTC was also rumoured as manufacturer of Nexus 6, but soon these rumours dies as we have heard HTC as manufacturer of Nexus 8 Tablet. 

In case of LG as manufacturer we can claim that Nexus 6 will be lightweight variant of LG G3.  let's take a look on LG G3 Specs, in order to get idea what to expect from upcoming Nexus 6. LG G3 is expected will be having a 5.5 inch display with Quad HD screen resolution of 2K.  LG G3 will be powered by Snapdragon 805 processor with 2GB of RAM. Device will be having 16 and 32 GB Memory option and will be supporting micro SD card.  Rear camera of device is 16 MP while front camera is of 2 MP.  Latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat on board.  Device will be having 3300 mAh battery.
Recently a report from Android Geek also says that the Nexus 6 is expected with finger print scanner like iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5.  But so far it's not clear how Google and Nexus Manufacturer will be implementing this scanner.  Another rumour is also swirling suggesting Google might be using 64 bit Media-Tek chipset.  

Release of Nexus 5 killed off the Nexus 4, We have to wait to see how Nexus 6 will impact last year flagship Nexus 5. Sundar Pichai's comments regarding Nexus 6 backed up the October as launching month of Nexus 6.

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