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Nexus 6 Seems Dead: Everything You Need To Know

Google Nexus 6 is in news for last few weeks, and with each passing day we have new details regarding the upcoming Nexus device.  Google isn't talking much about its upcoming Nexus device and also Nexus program,  In last few days we have seen some huge development as far as Nexus program is concern.  Today we will take a look on latest development regarding Nexus 6 Smartphone. 

In 2009 Google started manufacturing Smartphones under Nexus program. First Nexus Smartphone was manufactured by HTC and Google, and device was released in Jan 2010. Since then Google is releasing a new Nexus Smartphone every year to kept alive the Nexus brand.

Before release of Nexus Smartphone, every device is heavily rumoured and after its release devices remain at the top of Android stack, thanks to their low price tag and high end features.  Google Nexus Smartphones are the first device receiving latest Android update,  every single Nexus device is released with latest Android OS on board.  This is surely the one of the reason we are hearing Nexus 6 rumours since the beginning of the year.

Google Nexus 6 rumours swirling for fast five months, and even Android head Sundar Pichai also got in action and suggests a powerful potential Nexus Smartphone will be released in second half of the year.  Google Nexus 6 was surely on top of charts in rumours until we have new leaks regarding this device over the weekend.

From last few days we have reports suggesting Google might end Nexus program after Nexus 6 but recent happening is suggesting something different. Google Nexus 6 is now in doubt, and we will take a look on top five most important facts that in my view future buyers should take a look to know about Google plan of releasing future Smartphone.
Earlier we have plenty of reports regarding Nexus 6 release in second half of the year, but from last few weeks we have reports of Android Silver program. Many reports are suggesting Google Nexus 6 might not be released instead Google will be releasing a new high end Smartphone under Android Silver program. Recently well known leakster @evleaks also confirmed Google Nexus 6 is dead and there will be no Nexus Smartphone for this year.
Although initial reports suggests Google Nexus program will be ended around 2015 but from look of things it seems Nexus line up end is coming in 2014. @evleaks track record is pretty good , At this point we are pretty much sure about ending of Nexus line-up.

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