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Samsung GS5 Prime Will Be Released in Limited Numbers

Rumours of Galaxy S5 prime are not new, rumours starts soon after its release Before release of Galaxy S5 rumours start swirling that GS5 will be released with Quad HD display, but on release this hasn't happen instead Samsung released its flagship GS5 with traditional Full HD display with a screen resolution of 1080 X 1920.

However, story of Quad HD Samsung device doesn't  ends up here because eventually Quad HD display devices will be released sooner or later and Samsung wanted to be first company to offer Quad HD display. Rumours of Samsung GS5 prime start swirling soon after release flagship GS5. Reports suggests this device will be having Quad HD display, today we will discuss some more details and rumours regarding upcoming Samsung GS5 prime.
According to recent reports from Korean Media, Samsung wanted to release GS5 with Quad HD display but later on they changed their plan because it's not feasible for Samsung to produce Quad HD display with high production costs, that's why at the end Samsung adopted traditional Full HD instead of Quad HD panel. 
Now according to latest rumours Samsung GS5 Prime will be released in June with Quad HD display. Now question is everyone's mind is Samsung adopted Full HD instead of Quad HD because of high production costs, now after few months how it's possible for Samsung to decrease cost of Quad HD display panels.

Well Answer, of this question is not as positive as we are expecting, because according to our sources Samsung indeed releasing Quad HD display device, but this device won't be released in large numbers, instead will be released in limited quantity.  

It surely will remind you the story of Samsung Galaxy Round, first device  having flexible display, this device was also released in few numbers, and Samsung released this device only in South Korean market, main reason behind its low production is high production cost of this device.  

This device failed drastically and Samsung accepts this device was failure from financial point of view, Samsung might not wanted to repeat this story that's why they are looking to release GS5 prime in limited quantity.

Well, we have to wait so that further story develops, we will let you know as soon as some more news regarding GS5 prime develops.

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