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Second Gen of Google Glass is in Works

Yesterday, was pretty interesting for those gadget enthusiasts who like wearable gadgets. Yesterday we have report regarding Samsung is working on Galaxy Glass, but also pretty interesting thing is Google starts sale of its beta version of Google Glass in US. Price tag is though a bit high and still is 1500$, but according to latest reports device is selling like hot  cakes.

Although first version is released recently, but surprisingly according to reports Google is also working on second gen of its Google glasses. According to latest report of Kong Wenjun of Crystal Optech, Google is in early stages of manufacturing second gen of its glass,  Manufacturer already provided the sample models of this Glass to Google Research & Development team.
Google also certified the Crystal Optec's  certification but this certification is through middlemen. Reason behind middlemen is Google didn't wanted attention of media that's why Google decided not to start direct relations with Crystal Optec. In case of direct relation media might get Google's future plan much earlier.  
Although details of Google Glass second Gen is still in dark because device is in early stages, so we can't tell what to expect from second gen of Google Glass in terms of design and features. Original Google Glass is recently out in US, device will be available for other markets by the end of this year. We will keep you updated as soon as some more news regarding this device come out.  

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