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A GoodBye To Google Nexus 6 Rumours

After Leaks and rumours regarding Android Silver,  No One surprises when rumours start swirling of Google replacing Nexus line-up with Android Silver devices, but one thing was surprising as everyone was expecting Nexus 6 as last Nexus Smartphone, instead Nexus 5 emerged as last Nexus Smartphone and there will be no Nexus Smartphone after Nexus 5 as latest rumours suggests.
Rumour also suggests Google will be setting new set of rules to regulate new upcoming Android Devices. Earlier in May as soon as @evleaks tweeted about ending of Nexus 6,  Many Google fans disappointed as they were expecting Nexus 6 as last Nexus Smartphone device in Nexus line-up and now they are expecting Google will be releasing Android Silver Smartphones with a higher price tag than Nexus series, which eventually make this series more expensive than Nexus series.
Google so far didn't offer an explanation regarding existence or ending of Nexus 6, instead they are letting the rumours shrinking away on the plant. Other possibility is Google is working on releasing next Smartphone with next gen of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, and they are placing more attention on Android Silver promising devices. 

One thing is clear Android Silver program is for high end devices, For sure this question is in every one's mind,  what will be prices of these devices, either these devices will be costly like other Android devices like from Samsung, HTC and other companies, or its price will be nearer to price tag of Nexus devices. We have to wait for few more weeks for  answer of this question.
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