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Android Silver Program Rumours Round up: Everything you need to know

Google Android Silver program is still in dark, many details are yet to be revealed, only we know that this under program Google will be releasing high end Smartphones. Google annual I/O event is just around the corner, we are expecting Google will be revealing more about this program, today we will take a look on latest news , facts and rumours regarding Android Silver program and what you can expect from this program.

Let me clear that Google Android Silver program is not based for a particular model of Smartphone, instead under this program number of manufacturers will be manufacturing Android Smartphone and wide range of devices will be in Android Silver line-up. In other words, we can expect high end Smartphones from LG, Samsung and HTC under this program.

It seems Google is now trying to unifying the high end Android Smartphone in a uniform system, hence in future, it will allow Google to merge its control over Android development. Latest details also suggests under this program manufacturers will be releasing device with their own unique User Interface which will allow users to have more customized Smartphones in their hands.

Currently Google is trying to set up Android as its own brand, we know that at present Android is too much in the background and for Google it's not good they wanted Android to emerge as their own brand. Recently Android Police also reported Google bounded all Android manufacturers to implement Android Silver with little modification, these sort of developments are clear evidence of Google is really working to control over the Android technology.

Latest report from well known Android leakster  suggests that Google invested nearly $1 Billion USD in development of its upcoming Android Silver program, indicating how much Google is serious about this program.

Earlier in May rumours of Nexus program came to an end when @evleaks suggests that Google will be dropping its Nexus program and there will no Nexus 6 for this year, after few hours they tweeted Google will be replacing this program with Android Silver program and first batch of Android Silver will be released in February 2015.

Before this tweet Android Silver program was discussed and everyone was expecting Nexus 6 as last Smartphone of this line-up, but now it seems Google wanted to break for a year and wanted to focus on Android Silver program.

Recently report emerged suggesting something interesting, according to this report Google might keep Nexus name alive by releasing high end Tablets. For this year Nexus 8 is expected will be released in coming weeks, Nexus 8 will be next in line. Google I/O event will kick off in San Francisco on June 25th  2014. 
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