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Apple iPhone 6 Launch Date Pegged For September 19th

Apple iPhone 6 release seems not a mystery anymore,  Although nothing is official so far, but we have new release date for upcoming Apple flagship device. Everyone is keen and guessing about release date of iPhone 5S successor . So far we have plenty of rumors suggesting Apple will be releasing its flagship in last month of Q3, or most probably in first month of Q4. But today what we have got is exact release date of device. 

We can't claim this as final release date, as Apple yet to announce release date schedule,  But In current scenario it's not as easy task especially when we are expecting more than one Apple devices, two iPADs and a mysterious Smart watch dubbed as iWatch. According to latest details Apple iWatch is currently waiting for FDA certification.

Recently details came from Deutsche Telekom’s spokesperson of support department whose duty was to inform carrier's customers about the release of Apple flagship iPhone  6, main reason behind this was to build up more hype regarding device.  According to Deutsche Telekom’s info Apple will be releasing its flagship device on September 19th.

Today one again we have report from Chinese media which reconfirms  Apple will be releasing its device on September 19th.  Day on this date is Friday, and Apple is known for releasing new devices on Fridays, which backs up Sep 19 as release date for the aforementioned device.

One thing which is interesting in report is regarding price tag of device,  report suggests Apple iPhone 6 32 GB variant will be released for 5,288 yuan which is nearly $850 . Currently 16GB iPhone 5S is been available for this price tag. In this case we can expect  64GB iPhone 6 variant for around 950$.  There are fair chances of these price tag are for 4.7 inch display variant.

what are your thoughts regarding September 19th as release date for Apple flagship Smartphone.  Feel Free to share your opinion below.

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