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Google Android Latest Tweet Sparks Nexus 6 rumours

Google Nexus 6, a device which is in rumours for last six months, and almost every week we have story regarding this device, initially we have rumours that LG and Google will be releasing Nexus 6, and this device will be lightweight variant of LG's flagship G3, but soon after that rumours start swirling that Google will be ending Nexus  line-up that's why there will be no Nexus Smartphone for this year.

Nexus Line-up replacement program will be Android Silver, and first Android Silver device batch will be released in first half of next year, but now once again we have new details regarding Nexus 6 which blend the rumours of Nexus Smartphone once again. Recently Google accidently released a photo on official twitter account of Android, which once again made the Android world awake regarding Nexus 6.
However, a recent report from CNET suggests something interesting, they said in their report that recent photo was not leaked instead Google revealed it intentionally. Main reason according to CNET, Google wanted to promote its upcoming event which will be held in last week of June on 24th and 25th.
Report further suggests Google has history of revealing device, in such a way that hype created ahead of release of product, either its Software update or Nexus hardware device. They took example of recently leaked image of Nexus 7 which was for long time was supposed as Nexus 8 picture. Although they are enthusiastic that recent released image was not Nexus 6, but still they are convinced that indeed Nexus 5 successor is in works despite of recent reports of ending Nexus program, they suggests either it will be released under Nexus 6 name or might be released under new Android Silver program.
Few reports are also suggesting this leaked image will pave the path for the upcoming new Google Android Silver program. Under this program high end Smartphone and tablets are expected, they are fair chances Google might release only GPE(Google Play Edition) of best selling Smartphones and tablets under this program. Many details regarding this program are still in dark, and yet to be officially revealed. 

Let us know in comments section what do you think regarding this latest leaked image from Google, either its commercial tactic, or really something is in works.  
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