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Reasons of Google Nexus 7 Line-Up Discontinuation

No doubt in seven inch tab line Google Nexus 7 series emerged as topper, especially the first Nexus 7 tab was a great hit and was not only appreciated by customers but also from gadget experts.  Google and Asus partnership helped to release a marvellous tablet for Nexus fans. However from look of things it seems Google will not be releasing third gen of Nexus 7 tab line-up hence we can say that Google accomplished its goal and now millions of customers has Nexus 7 line up tablets in their hands.

We can claim that after Nexus 7 release Google encouraged Tablet app developers to develop apps for larger display than 5 inches. Now currently App developers find the incentive if they build apps for a tab device. Today we will take a look what are reasons or elements that allows us to claim that there will be no Nexus 7 at least for this year.  

We must acknowledge that be deficient in info regarding Nexus 7 for this year made us concerned, especially when we now that I/O event is approaching and  latest leaks confirmed our fears of no nexus 7 for this year.

Google Nexus 7 both devices was hit and no doubt one must think after such an exciting journey why Google discontinued Nexus 7 Line-up.  According to latest leaks Google Nexus 7 will be replaced with a device of larger display of 8 inch i.e. Nexus 8.  We don't have rumours   regarding Nexus 7 for this year, instead from first day of this year we have rumours backing an 8 inch Nexus device from Google.

Industry insider claimed that reason behind Nexus 7 launch was Google wanted to penetrate tablet segment in Android OS, with success of Nexus 7 Google has created the penetration and they were successful in it.

On the other had Google Nexus 8 is expected as last Nexus device not only in tab line-up but also in Smartphone lineup, as Google decided to introduce Android Silver program.  Nexus 8 will not only kill Nexus 7 but also Nexus 10 successor.

On the other hand good news is last Nexus tab is expected from HTC, A well known Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer, although initially was not successful in Tab line but now partnership with Google surely will help HTC to deliver something special in tab line.  We can expect Google final push will be premium tablet.

Let us know in comments section what do you think reason behind replacement of Nexus 7 with Nexus 8. Would you like to buy Nexus 8 instead of Nexus 7.  
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