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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs & Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

Samsung fans are pretty much busy as Samsung continuously announcing new devices. Samsung started with Galaxy S5, and till now Samsung officially confirmed S5 Active and LTE-A variants of its flagship device of the year. Now all eyes are on second upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 4, which release is expected at IFA 2014 event.

Now, like last year before release of Note device is in rumours and now become a hot topic, everyone is keen to know more about 4rth gen of Note series. So far all details are based on rumours and leaks, but now for the first time we have details regarding hardware Specs of Galaxy Note 4. If you want to know Specs of Galaxy Note 4, you have to pay visit to ANTUTU benchmark website, to know about both variants of Galaxy Note 4.

Device appeared in ANTUTU database, is pretty much similar to heavily rumoured Galaxy Note 4, giving us a clear view of what to expect from Galaxy Note 4. As expected, Galaxy Note 4 will be released in two variants, we will discuss both devices one by one.
First variant is featuring a quad core Snapdragon 805 processor with Adreno 420 chip-set for graphics. model number of this device is SM-N910S. While second variant is having an Octa Core processor Exynos 5433, model number of this device SM-N910C. Aside from processor all specs of both devices are same. Both variants have same Quad HD display of 2K screen resolution, both powered by 3 GB of RAM. As native storage both have 32 GB of storage. Rear camera of both variants are 16 MP while front facing camera are 3.6 MP. In benchmark devices are running Android 4.4.3.

One thing important to know is Exynos Octa core processor require more frequency than 1.3 GHz and we can expect final variant will be having more frequency than 1.3 GHz.  Aforementioned frequency might be used in 4 core processor during testing.
Let us know in comments section what do you think regarding Specs of Galaxy Note 4, which variant of Note 4 would you like to buy on release?

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