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Top 3 Killer Features Expected in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Series devices are usually basis for the upcoming 2nd flagship device of the year, Same is the case expected for Galaxy Note 4. Samsung GS5 is expected will be the basis for the heavily rumoured Galaxy Note 4 device. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in news for last few weeks and especially when reports suggests Samsung will be releasing this device with a new form factor.

 Interestingly Apple flagship iPhone 6 release is also expected at the same time when Samsung will be releasing Galaxy Note 4. Both device  are expected in last quarter of this year, and question in everyone's mind is pretty straight either Samsung flagship Galaxy Note 4 can compete with Apple's flagship iPhone 6.

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Recently we have plenty of reports and rumours suggesting Samsung is working on new device, and this device is pretty similar to recently launched GS5. This device is featuring some specs, that we have already seen on GS5, this device is running latest Android 4.4.3 which yet to be roll out for GS5. As this device is not commercial yet, that's why we don't have accurate name for this device. Some reports are suggesting this device as GS5 Active, while few reports are mentioning this device as GS5 Prime.

As I mentioned above Galaxy S devices are basis for Galaxy Note devices, that's why few reports are also suggesting upcoming Galaxy Note device will be having three features on board, which we already seen on GS5. These features include "Smart Fingerprint", Second feature will "Motion Launcher" feature with swipe to launch it. Third feature which is expected is Aqua Capture feature.
Aqua Capture feature of GS5 works quite similar like GS4 Active. This feature allows user to capture photos under the water either during raining or swimming. Galaxy Note 4 is also expected with water resistant feature like GS5. Motion Launcher feature allows its user to wakeup device and use the camera by simple swipe on display of device. Third feature expected is Finger print scanner feature which is more sort of try from Samsung to give strength to the security of the device and device owner information.

As far as release of Galaxy Note 4 is concern, device is expected at 3rd September ahead of IFA event which will be held in September this year.  

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