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Top 8 Killer Features Expected in Google Nexus 8/9

Google most heavily rumored device of this year is no doubt Nexus 8, but according to latest reports this device will be released as Nexus 9 instead of Nexus 8. According to insider report, internally Google is referring this  device as Volantis, and as we already discussed will be manufactured by Taiwanese gadget manufacturer HTC. 
Recently a report from Android Police, reveals solid information regarding upcoming HTC Nexus 8/9. According to their report upcoming device will be very slim and customers can compare this device with Apple iPad mini. Report further suggests Google will be releasing this device as high end device, So buyers can compare it with best selling Apple tabs. Now it seems rumors of Google releasing iPad Killer tab are true. Today we will discuss top 8 Specs of upcoming Nexus 8/9, that are almost confirmed.

1: Display
For this year Google is jumping from 7 inch tab to 8.9 inch tab to compete with 7.9 inch Apple iPad mini and other tabs. Main reason behind 8.9 inch display is as its between both iPad devices, in other words Google is providing its customers with a mid range device between both Apple iPads. As we already discussed in earlier reports device is expected with at least 2K screen resolution with above 281 PPI.

2: Processor
Apple both tab devices are powered by a 64 bit chipset, that's why in order to compete with Apple Google is also powering its Nexus 8/9 with 64 bit Logan Tegra K1 processor and this chipset will be manufactured by NVIDIA.

3: Design
HTC designed devices are mostly metallic, same is the case expected for Nexus 8/9. According to latest reports device will be having Zero gap construction, which might enhance device weight but overall because of metal chassis device will be more attractive and tougher for sure.

4: Camera
Rear camera of device is expected 8MP because all reports are suggesting at least 8 MP rear camera while camera will be having extra features like OIS(Optical Image stabilization). Front facing camera is expected will be 3MP which will be Selfie friendly.
5:  RAM & Memory
Native model of Google Nexus 8/9 will be having 16 GB of Memory on board, while 64 bit processor will be powered by 3GB of RAM. So far it's not sure whether this device will be having an extra SD card option or not, but typically SD option is not signature feature of Nexus devices.
6: Front Facing stereo speakers
HTC flagship devices both HTC M8 and M9 featured front facing Stereo Speakers. One of the interesting feature expected in Nexus 8/9 is blasting front facing speakers. Front facing speakers are signature feature of HTC devices, that's why few gadget experts are also expecting this signature feature in upcoming Google HTC tab.   

7: Latest Android Software
Google releases hardware devices with latest Software on board, Nexus 8/9 release is expected soon after I/O 2014 event, so we have to wait to confirm which version of Android OS will this tab will have on board, from recent reports Android 4.5 is expected at this I/O event so we can claim Nexus 8/9  will be having Android 4.5 on board.
8: Price Tag
Though, Google Nexus 8/9 will be high end device but still device will be released with an affordable price tag, Price tag for 16GB version will be around $400, while 32 GB version is expected with a price tag of $500.

Any thoughts regarding Nexus 8/9 do share with us in comments section below. 
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