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5 Things You Need to Know About Android L

No doubt, Google Android is the world's most popular Operating System.  Recently a month ago Google revealed about massive update to its Android OS. Google dubbed this update as Android L, Although Google yet to send OTA update to its Nexus users but recently Google send out developer preview for its Nexus users.
Android L is featuring a brand new look, and update is more attractive and colourful than so far Android OS. Google announced Android L is having " Material design".  However, Google not only changed its UI but also changed plenty of things in this update under the hood.
There are five interesting facts regarding Android L which really makes this update to stand out.  Let's have a look on these facts given below.

1. Developer preview:

Android L becomes the first Android Update, which is initially released as developer preview ahead of its final launch. Google soon after Android L announcement released developer preview for its Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 LTE users. Although initially only few customers have Android L on board, but soon all devices will be having this update on board as soon as Google released its code for other manufacturers.  If you wanted developer of Android L on your Nexus 5 device, its available you can download it. First Non Nexus device with Android L on board is expected in fall. 

2. Name & Number :

On release of Android update, Google usually gives update a Nickname. Android 4.4 is dubbed as Android KitKat. So far Google is not ready to give a specific name to this update, currently Google is calling this update as "Android L". From sources it's expected Google will be naming this update as Android Lollipop. Like the name so far we don't have a specific number for this update. It yet to be cleared whether this update is Android 4.5 or will be Android 5.0. We have to wait for final release of update to know these details.

3. Major Overall Redesigning:

As I mentioned above this update is completely overall redesigned. Last major redesign was Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. This update was released nearly three ago. On release of this update Google overhauled the looks of current OS Android Gingerbread at that time. Same is the case with Android L which overhauled the looks of Android 4.4.    

4:  First 64 bit Android OS:

Apple released first 64 bit version of iOS with a release of iPhone 5S. Since Apple released first 64 bit iOS everyone was keen to see how Google will counter Apple 64 bit iOS. Google released Android L with a 64 bit run time environment, which was pretty important for Google to counter iOS.  By releasing Android OS with 64 bit support, Google paved the way for many manufacturers to build Android devices with 64 bit chip-set.  If Google will be releasing Nexus 6, we are pretty sure it will be having 64 bit processor, to show the power of Android L.

5: Faster Update for Non Nexus devices:

As Google yet to release final version of Android L, we can expect other Non Nexus manufacturers also will be getting code earlier. Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers might also release this update much earlier than expected. So far only HTC claimed they will be releasing update after three months of getting code from Google.

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