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Android L VS Android Kitkat: A Visual Evaluation

Although Android L is yet to be officially release, and surely it's not ready for the game yet, that's why Google dubbed this update as Android L, it yet to receive a proper name from Google. Nevertheless people are keen to know more and more about Android L, Google released a lengthy demo of its new update, even though final version is in dark, but changes in developer version of Android L are quite significant and are quite extensive from last Android 4.4 KitKat.

Android L Demo is released with number of new features including new UI, much improved battery life & performance. This update also allows third party app more vast experience with in their apps and also outside of their apps. Overall Design of Android UI is changed in this update. This version of Android is much colourful and flatter than its descendant versions.

For sure, end users will be quite happy from so far what Google has offered in this update, small details in this update are presented through animated response. Today we will take a look on design overhauls in this update, especially if we compare this update with current Android 4.4 KitKat version.

Many of Android users are keen to know how exactly world's most popular operating system update looks like, what are the significant changes in the UI design of this update.  Before watching these images, it's important to know that these images are of developer version of Android L, final version might vary in terms of design

Source: PhoneArena
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