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Google Nexus 6 Expected With 2K Display On Release

Although Google Nexus 6 is in dark and yet to be official by Google, but latest reports are suggests few Specs of upcoming Nexus device apart from Android L on board. According to latest report Nexus 6 will be having display of 2K screen resolution. Second feature of device will be affordable price tag which is typical feature of all Nexus devices.

Digitimes recently revealed that nearly all major manufacturers are keen to introduce their new devices with at least 2K resolution and they also suggests that couple of manufacturers will be introducing 2K devices in last quarter of this year.  No doubt Android devices with 2K resolution will be great threat to Retina Display as this display will be Retina busting display.

Initially manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, HTC and LG are expected will be releasing devices with 2K resolution but now it seems Search engine giant is also getting ready to introduce its flagship device with 2K display, so we expect a change of display from 1080 pixels to 2K pixels from Google.
Important to know that LG recently introduced its flagship LG g3 with Quad HD screen display of 1920 x 1080 pixels, from last two years LG is manufacturing Nexus devices, and for this year also LG name emerged as one of strongest contestant for manufacturing of Nexus upcoming Smartphone device. In case if LG will be manufacturer, we are sure Nexus 6 will be having Quad HD display as well.

Digitimes report further suggests that many manufacturers are expanding display size and screen resolution of their devices, that's why we can expect upcoming Android devices will be more costly but that's not the case for Nexus 6, though device is expected with high end Specs but still upcoming Nexus device will be released with a budget friendly affordable price tag. Though report didn't suggests accurate figure but still we can Nexus 6 with same price tag as Nexus 5 was released.

Price tag claim of report seems true, as currently many Chinese manufacturers are releasing high end Android devices with low price tag and these devices are produced in large quantity and attracting average Android buyers. Google also subsidized the price tag of Nexus devices in order to keep price tag affordable for those buyers who can't buy high end Android Smartphones.

Nexus 6 is expected will be having a slightly larger display than Nexus 5, plus number of up gradations surely will attract customers to buy Nexus 6 like hot cakes.  As far as release of Nexus 6 is concern, according to so far reports device release expected in October to November time frame.
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