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Google Nexus 6 Rumours Round Up: Everything We Know So Far

Google  Nexus devices rumours are swirling for last few months, and with each passing day we have new rumours and details regarding Nexus devices.  Although rumours are swirling for quite some time now but so far nothing is confirmed as Google yet to announce about devices.  Nexus 10 2 successor model rumours were ripe, as everyone was expecting successor model since last October.
From first day of this year rumours were swirling regarding Nexus 6 release, but soon rumours of replacing Nexus program with Android Silver start swirling. Recently at Google I/O event Sundar pichai comment again boost up the Nexus rumours, because he suggests Nexus program isn't going anywhere.
 Nexus 6 release is expected in November, as Google typically releases Nexus hardware devices in October or November. There are two reason of October, or November release. First is it's perfect time of release not only for Google but also for buyers because it's just before Christmas sales and people are looking to buy new gadgets then.
Second reason of this release time is that nearly all Android Smartphone companies releases their flagship devices ahead of Nexus Smartphone, so we can say that Google timing of releasing Nexus Smartphone allows device to sell without any competition.
In September two more Smartphones are expected, one will be from Samsung in the form of Galaxy Note 4.  Second device will be heavily rumoured highly anticipated Apple's flagship iPhone 6.  We can expect in last week August  Google will be revealing more news regarding next Nexus Smartphone. Many buyers are waiting for Google announcement regarding next Nexus Smartphone. 
Last year Nexus 5 was released in October, so we can expect next Nexus Smartphone after one year.  Nearly all tech giants follow this schedule of releasing flagship device once in a year. Apple, and Samsung are also following this schedule for last few years.
What do you think regarding so far rumors and leaks regarding Nexus 6. Would you like to buy Nexus 6 on release. Do share your thoughts below in comments section.

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