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HTC One M9 An Early Look What To Expect

HTC One M7 no doubt was  a splendid device which not only welcome by customers and gadget experts but also device restore the glory of HTC.  Same is the case for this year HTC's flagship M8. This year HTC device was also among the one of the best Android Smartphone available in market.
Although it's too early to predict something regarding next year flagship and nearly all info regarding device is in dark. But we will try to cover what we can expect from next year flagship M9.
Release Date:
I am sure, HTC yet to plan about release of HTC M9, but we can speculate about release period of device by keeping an eye on HTC pattern of releasing flagship devices. HTC usually release its flagship device in first quarter, normally few weeks after MWC event.  In 2015 MWC event will be held in first week of March, there are fair chances HTC might launch M9 in last week of March 2015.
price Tag:
As far as price is concern, HTC is pretty consistent and from last two years HTC One yearly devices price tag remains same. In US device was available for $200 on two year contract, On the other side In UK M7 device was released with a price tag of £500, this year M8 is available for £550. 
M9 specs:
Specs are key factor in success of every flagship device, it's too early to say what HTC M9 will be having on board, but we can expect M9 with top of the line Specs available at that time.
One of the Question in everyone's mind is whether next gen of HTC One will have ARM processor or not, There are chances HTC might use Intel chipset for its next gen flagship device.  As OS HTC M9 will be having latest Android version available at that time.  Though Design of M9 is still in dark, we can expect rumors regarding design of device in last quarter of 2014.  We have few concept images regarding design of M9, one of them is given below.
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