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Microsoft patents Advanced Reality Glasses That Detects Object

Nearly a year ago, word slipped out that Tech giant Microsoft is allegedly working on Microsoft Glasses, which will be competitor to recently released Google glass. Since this news, Microsoft remained silent nearly for a year, and today once rumours of Microsoft Glass popped up again. According to latest news Microsoft filed a patent application for a new vision system, they called it as Wearable Behaviour-Based Vision System.  
Latest publication of this patent suggests that Microsoft was working on this Smart glasses nearly for a year. This patent from Microsoft is for augmented Smart glasses. Though these glasses are pretty much similar to Google glass but interesting thing is that this Smart watch not only recognizes the object, but also predicts that how this object will perform.
For Example, If the user of this glass is passing from a road, and a car passes, the glass will recognize this object as car and will tell users which direction car will go and whether car is threat for him or not. In case if car is threat for user it will create a threat for the user.
Second interesting feature of this glass will be that it will be able to merge both real and virtual environments, which is quite amazing. For instance if user of Microsoft glass is playing a virtual game while wearing glasses. Device will not show obstacles of virtual environment on screen, but will be showing obstacles in real world in home like chair, table or anything.

source: Patentscope 

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