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Motorola Allegedly Working on a 5.9 inch Nexus phablet codenamed Shamu

Since Google showed intention of buying Motorola, everyone was expecting Motorola might become manufacturer of Nexus Smartphone device, same was the case when last year rumours start swirling suggesting that next Nexusmight be manufactured by Motorola but at the end it didn't happened so far and still Nexus fans are expecting Motorola surely will be contributing in upcoming Nexus devices it might be first Nexus phablet or might be one of Android Silver devices.
Recently a report from Android Police suggests that Google and Motorola working on new Nexus phablet device,  Display size of device screen is of 5.9 inches, Internally this device is codenamed as "Shamu". codename of device is a bit odd for many Nexus fans because usually Nexus Smartphone devices code-names are based on names of aquatic animals, like in recent past devices were codenamed as hammerhead, tuna and mako but for the first time this device name is outside of the norm. However that doesn't means rumours are not accurate or details surfing are based on speculation.
It seems reason behind this change of the norm is that device is of phablet family not of Smartphone family. Report further suggests release of device will be in same time frame like last year Nexus Smartphone i.e. in October / November is usual time frame for launching of Nexus devices.  So far Android police didn't revealed about its source but we can expect more news regarding this device will be revealed in coming days. Till then stay connected to know more about latest buzz regarding this device.

source: Android Police
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