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Samsung Allegedly working on Metal Galaxy Alpha: Launch Expected In August

Finally a good news for those Samsung fans who wanted a metal flagship Smartphone from Samsung.  For last few years gadget experts criticizes the Samsung for releasing flagship Smartphones with plastic design. However, Samsung biggest Android competitors are continuously producing Smartphones  with a newer ground of build quality.  HTC emerged as winner in introducing Android Smartphone with a better build quality and of course better design material. 

In last few years Sony and LG are also trying to introduce their flagship Smartphones with a new design, changing from plastic to metal for building devices.  Though all companies are trying, but Samsung is not putting much effort in varying stuff more or less. Now it seems Samsung wanted to stir things because according to latest report from Korean media Samsung will be introducing a new line up of Smartphone dubbed as "Galaxy Alpha". Devices under Galaxy Alpha series will be having metal design, and first device will be released in August.  
Report further suggests Samsung will be introducing first Galaxy Alpha device in August and device will be aiming Apple's iPhone 6 which is expected in September this year. It's quite interesting that Samsung Galaxy Alpha seems like Galaxy F.  Source further suggests Samsung will be introducing yearly device under Galaxy Alpha series.  Galaxy Alpha devices will be released ahead of Galaxy S series and few months before the Galaxy Note series.

So we can expect devices under Galaxy Alpha series will be filling the gap between two flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.  After Galaxy S5, Samsung recently released Galaxy S5 LTE-A. A device which is more powerful in terms of hardware than normal GS5  but not having  much difference in terms of design.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha main goal will be aiming high end devices with metal design. By releasing metal design device, Samsung wanted to come outside of its comfort zone and wanted to challenge its competitors in their comfort zone. All in all Galaxy Alpha device will be having high end Specs under metal body.

I am sure this will be pretty excited news for Galaxy Fans, who are waiting a flagship device from Samsung with metal design. Although many details regarding Galaxy Alpha device are in dark, we will let you know as soon as some more news regarding the device hit our panel. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding Galaxy Alpha below.

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