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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is Expected With UV Radiation Feature

With each passing day, we have new details regarding Specs of upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Today what  we have got is pretty interesting, as according to latest leak Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be having UV radiation measuring sensor. This feature will allow Galaxy Note 4 users to save themselves from Uv radiation damage, as device will pop up alert in case of high UV radiations. 
Samsung is continuously working on improving its S heath feature, So far we have seen Galaxy S5 with plenty of S health features including heart rate checker and stress level measurement. But it seems UV radiation measurement sensor will be exclusive for upcoming Note 4.
With UV sensor on board, user will know whether UV exposure is high and where is normal. By knowing about these details users can select right clothing and other things to save their skin from UV rays. Back in June SamMobile also revealed about this feature, and claimed that this feature will be exclusive for Galaxy Note 4.  
If report is accurate, then we can expect Samsung will be doing a great job by incorporating this feature is its upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Using this feature for sure, Many users will be safe from risk of Skin cancer and Sunburn.  So far it's not clear whether this feature will work automatically or user have to check UV level manually.
Interesting thing is that Samsung S health will not only generate alert , but will help users to do precautionary measures to avoid damage to skin. This feature in Galaxy Note 4 will help in spreading awareness in customers regarding Cancer and Sun exposure.  Other S health feature in Galaxy Note 4 will be similar to Galaxy S5.  

Galaxy Note 4 Launch is expected at IFA event which will be held in September, Which means release of device will be in October. In US nearly all main carriers will be having Galaxy Note 4 on their shelves.
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