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Top 10 world's best Smartphone For Q2 Revealed by AnTuTu

Well, if you are looking to buy a Smartphone now, it seems Antutu latest list surely will help you to make your mind, As guys behind Antutu recently revealed top 10 World best Smartphone for second quarter of 2014.  To be on top in Antutu's result is not an easy task, especially in Antutu's term if a device score more than  25,000 then it is considered that device will be able to run heavy apps without any problem.
Antutu team set some rules to test every device in the list given below. First rule is at least 200 entries of same device required for a device to be considered as Entry. Second rule is if a device has more than one variant and each variant with different chipset than device with high points or high performance will be selected as an Entry. Antutu also claimed that fake entries in the recent results are manually removed and only latest entries that were testes during April-June are considered as an Entry. Let's have a look on the list below to see who's is winner according to Antutu.  
I am sure you will be surprised with the results because according to results Galaxy Note 3 emerged as fastest device available in market, but on paper it's not true as latest devices from Samsung and other companies are more powerful and faster than Galaxy Note 3. Second position is achieved by Huawei Honor 6. Flagship device from HTC is placed on second position with 37602 points, while Galaxy S5 is on fifth with 37220 points.  Do Share your thoughts what do you think regarding these Antutu result and do you think Galaxy Note 3 is really powerful and fastest than all?

source: AnTuTu
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