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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Pegged For Between the 16th & 19th of September

We all know that launch day of Apple's flagship iPhone 6 is just around the corner, but that doesn't stops rumors which are swirling for last few months. As for now launch date of device is confirmed but as far as release is concern nothing is confirmed, and nearly everyone is keen to know when device will be hitting shelves.  So far we have few reports regarding release of device and all details are based on Speculation. Nearly all reports are suggesting Apple iPhone 6 will be live on September 19th.
Latest report from blogosphere also confirmed that Apple next flagship will be available from mid September. Let me remind you first back in June we have alleged flyer of iPhone 6 suggesting Apple will be releasing its flagship on September 19th with a price tag of 5,288 yuan in china.  Today once again PCinLife  ( Chinese IT Portal) reconfirmed that indeed Apple iPhone 6 will be hitting shelves between 16th to 19th September.  

Now a question must arise in your mind what about global launch of device, well once again we have news from Germany where a German retailer suggests that Apple iPhone 6 will hit their shelves on aforementioned date i.e. Sep 19th. Though we can't be sure because Apple yet to launch its flagship iPhone 6. We have to wait for few weeks to confirm this either aforementioned date is accurate or not. Let me made it clear that aforementioned date is for 4.7 inches variant while second variant with 5.5 inches display is expected will be released sometime in December this year.

We will keep an eye on matter, We will share once we get more clues. Stay connected  to get more details. Till then Do Share your thoughts below regarding release of iPhone 6.
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