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Google Allegedly Working On two Nexus Smartphones For This Year

In last few days we have plenty of info regarding upcoming flagship Nexus  X  from Google and Motorola.  Rumours suggests that Google Nexus X device will be light weight model of Motorola Moto S. Both devices are expected will be having nearly same hardware Specs except camera pixels. Second difference surely will be of Operating System. From last few days we have rumours of Motorola currently testing two variants of Moto S, there are fair chances Google might be releasing two Nexus Smartphone later this year.
According to so far details we have rumours of two devices, first variant is featuring a 5.9 inches display while second variant is expected with 5.2 inches display. Latest reports suggests that Google will be releasing first Nexus variant according to release of Moto X+1. Google insider claimed that if Motorola releases Moto S with 5.9 inches display then Google will also initially releasing its 5.2 inches variant while second variant will be released with a difference of few weeks.   
This surely gives us idea of why we are having rumours of 5.2 inches and 5.9 inches Nexus devices. First variant release is expected on Halloween, while second variant release is still in dark. On the other hand rumours of Nexus 8 are also swirling which is clear indication of indeed Google is gearing up to release its Nexus devices of this year. We will be keeping an eye on this matter, Stay connected to know about latest buzz.

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