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Google Nexus 6 Release: EveryThing You Need To Know

It seems like Google is now clearing the way for the arrival of next Nexus flagship device, Google and its manufacturer are doing certain things which are clear indication of Google is paving the way for Nexus 6. Recently Google play edition of Galaxy S4 disappeared unexpectedly from Google Play Store, and now it's almost confirmed that Google awarded Motorola honour of manufacturing the replacement of last year LG Nexus 5. Motorola is allegedly referring this  device as "Shamu".

Well according to so far rumours Nexus 6 will be a giant device with a screen display of 5.9  inches. This device is expected will be the first hardware device to have Android L on board, so we can claim that device will be the showing the real power and functions of Android L.
On the other hand Motorola is also working on its flagship device Moto X+1, device is expected will be released in September. We can expect Nexus 6 will be based on this device, because last year Nexus devices are also based on flagship model of manufacturer. Nexus 4 was based on LG Optimus G, while last year Nexus 5 was based on LG G2. Initially Nexus 6 was speculated will be based on LG G3, but now LG officially rejected that they are not working on Nexus device any-more. So Motorola "Shamu" emerged as strong contestant for upcoming Nexus 6.  

Before launch of flagship model, Google is doing some cleaning of its play store by retiring last year devices. Google last year Nexus 5 is still available, Only GS4 Google Play edition bumped off from Play Store.  Currently only two Google Play edition devices are available, One is Motorola  Motor G, while second is HTC one M8 Google Play edition variant. Now it seems both devices will be removed from Play store very soon.    

Now when they will be removed, it's pretty clear history will likely repeat and Google will be filling the void with its flagship device of this year i.e. Nexus 6. As far as release is concern, One again history will be repeated and Nexus 6 release will be in October/ November of this year.   
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