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Google Nexus 8/9 Specs, Manufacturer & Release Date Rumours: What You Need To Know

So far it's not confirmed what will be next big thing from Google. Either it will be Motorola Nexus 6 "Shamu" or will be HTC Volantis which is expected will be released as Nexus 8 tablet.  As far as release is concern, we have hundred of speculated reports regarding release of both devices. Nearly all reports are pointing Nexus 6 release will be between October/ November while Nexus 8 launch will be between September/ October.  Today once again we will take a look on latest rumours regarding Specs, release and manufacturer of heavily rumoured Nexus 8/9. 

Release Date:

We must admit that no doubt launch and release of Nexus 8/9 is still a mystery, and months mentioned above are based on rumours, we don't have any concrete news from Google so far. Initially July was expected launching month of Nexus 8/9 because from last two years Google is launching its tablets in July at I/O event, but at the end all rumours came to an end when Google launched teaser of Android L but didn't revealed its tablet. Regardless of so far rumours, we have to wait for official announcement from Google.


Well, it's almost confirmed that Google and HTC will be in Joint venture for production of Nexus 8/9.  Recently a report from Air Herald, claimed that HTC recently certified a phablet with a screen display of 8.9 inches, codename of device is  0P82100.


I am sure all gadget experts and fans wanted a powerful tab from Google. In case of HTC partnership with Google we can expect not only a powerful device from Google but also a device with beautiful attractive design.  Taiwanese manufacturer is known for  producing high end Smartphones with high build quality and attractive design. Nexus 8/9 device is expected will be having NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip-set with 2GB of RAM. Other details are still in dark but we can expect will be revealed in coming days. Stay connected for latest buzz regarding Nexus 8/9. Do Share your thoughts  below.
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