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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Image Popped Up Ahead Of Official Announcement

As the Launching day of Galaxy Note 4 is getting closer, we are getting lots of new info regarding upcoming flagship device from Samsung. Though So far details are regarding hardware Specs of device but now are having renders of upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Authenticity of these renders will be confirmed once the device will be official.

If we consider timing of revealing of rendered device, We can claim this render as one of the best render ahead of official launch. Rendered Image shows device is having metal casing around the edges. Device is expected will be having display of 515 PPI. On the other hand Samsung is also releasing teasing videos ahead of official launch in order to make Galaxy Note 4 customers curious about upcoming device.

Although in both teaser videos, Samsung didn't showed Galaxy Note 4 but they continue showing key Specs of Galaxy Note series. We can't claim these images as accurate images ahead of official announcement, hence you should consider these images as Speculation. To know about more details regarding Galaxy Note 4 launch on September 3rd Stay connected.
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